To address the skills shortage in emerging technologies, including data science, AI, big data, and blockchain.

The online courses don’t stop just at videos — It has a virtual lab environment that enables users to practice what they learn.

( note that Cognitive Class is not an accredited institution (i.e., we do not award academic degrees).

International Presence

The platform is serious about the content and have developed sites for their worldwide audience:

  1. CognitiveClass.ai:  the site you are visiting right now, aimed at the world at large. It primarily provides courses in English but does have some courses in Japanese, Spanish and Russian.
  2. BigDataUniversity.com.br:  launched at the end of July 2015 for students in Brazil. It offers courses in Portuguese (handy for students from Portugal).
  3. BigDataUniversity.com.cn:  launched at the end of August 2015 for students in China. It offers courses in Mandarin. The site and all of the course material are hosted in China.

(Cognitive Class used to be formerly known as Big Data University.)

To take a look to this platform click on this link : Cognitive Class