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 this function  aims  to spread knowledge and science  and create the largest tank  of researchs, books and  to  contribute to the scientific research ,making this  knowledge capital available to researchers, to use it when it is necessary . This act is done  to encourage scientific research in the Arab world ,in The Islamic world  and every where in order  to  contribute  by thise way to the economic and to the social  developement

  If you are a student, a researcher, a  university  professor, an engineer, a doctor or an expert, and you have good knowledge and experiences in any field of science, and you want to publish it on this website or have a research or scientific report ,which was  been examined and has a general benefit for the scientific field And for the humanity, you can send it to us at our following e-mail: sirajalilm@gmail.com ,provided that    the following conditions are respected

The subject should be related to the field of knowledge and   science in various branches

   Accept reports, articles  written in three languages only: Arabic – French – English

 The site shall refrain from publishing any article or research which was proven not produced by person who had send it  to the WEBSITE, and had attributed to himself

 The website refuses to publish any article that has any  relationship with science, knowledge,or self development

 Any participation containing  language errors may be excluded

 Each author is responsible for its content and the website reserves the right to deal with all topics in terms of modification or cancellation for any reason that appears objective

 Every research must be sent to the website with a summary of more than two pages in WORD or PDF form.

The abstract will be published on the main page for free in the first stage (24 to 48 hours) .

The detailed resarch report will be published in the google drive accounte of the website with a link to consult it by the public

Any person who wants to publish an article or research must  fill in the form below and send it to us to sirajalilm@gmail.com


Form Information

Title of the research

 Name of the author

   the Current function of the redactor

 A copy of the accompanying article attached to this application

 Institution where the redactor works

 Official e-mail

 Official mobile number

  Title of the research

 Has it been published before,when

in which scientific journal was published

the Field of research

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