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Through this site, each executive, employee, professor, engineer or doctor can contribute to the dissemination of the largest number of video tutorials and scientific video under this site free of charge. Delivering  knowledge to every human being above the globe. Each competency , can send us through our e-mail and after registering in our channel, all the revised lessons and in all areas of knowledge to be published on our channel on the YouTube after the scrutiny that we will do before publishing. These lessons require:

1- To present  scientific skills

2 – Discuss and explain academic or professional  courses that represent a need for students and Executives

3 – to have the quality of acceptable pedagogy.

4 – Not be impregnated improvisation in the introduction and presentation  because we seek


5 – To be submitted by the competent authority to disclose its function  and

    the institution in force.

  1. Do not literally repeat lessons that are placed on other platforms or have broadcast rights, which is rare but may be present.

7 -The applicant is not intended to receive a fee only in the case of the request of a certificate from the recipient and this is an issue that we will determine, God willing, in our platform, which is a development project.

Anyone interested in joining us in this project should send us the suggested lessons on our e-mail:


With the following informations


1- Full name of publisher:

2- Job:

3- Applicable Institution:

4- Content of video:

5 – Field :

6 -Lesson title:

7 – Means of diction: video + Power Poin.

8- Video duration:

9- Official e-mail address:

  1. mobile number as per possibility:

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