Methodology of self-study

Methodology of self-study

The studies methodology in this site is based on the free lessons open to all public from the platforms of the world’s leading universities, schools of engineers and also from the platforms of international institutions such as the World Bank or the United Nations. This to give to  all poeple  the best ِcourses in three languages in everywhere in the world

The last decade knew the birth of  the MASSIVE OPEN ONLINE COURSES = MOOC, which is offered in all fields and free of charge ,through the platforms established by the world’s most prestigious universities as a guide to the globalization of knowledge and its introduction to people around the world free of charge. It is also the goal of the UNESCO as we strive to facilitate access to knowledge for every human being and for all segments of the social classes, both affluent and poor,because knowledge is the right of all the humanity

In late 2011, the first lessons and self-learning platforms were introduced through the establishment of Stanford University, Harvard HARVARD and Massachusetts University in the USA. open lessons on the COURSERA platform started  attracting attention and grow four times more in its initial evolution from Facebook. More than three million people have been registered on this platform in less than a year

, This site suggest the  best self-learning platforms in the world in three languages ​​and for each field. There is no need to research more ,it is a work we have done for you dear student to facilitate all things ,and to encourage you focusing more on your learning

We suggest , for each area that interests you and fits your knowledge and professional development, the best platforms in the world, as for instance : EDX – COUSERA ……… depending on our choices based on the 2017 and 2018 studies carried out by international institutions and magazines which had compared all existing platforms In the market of  e- learning and  platforms .In their research, these studies have based their focus ,on comparing hendreds of platforms on the following important  elements

 Number of lessons provided.

Number of fields.

Number of universities located under the platform.

Existence of a certificate provided to the learners or not.

The development and quality of the product offered and presented

 Number of participants and souscribers

If you are interested in self learning from aour website you must follow up the next steps, to start a well learn

 Choose the field of learning.
Choose the platform language.
Choose one of the proposed platforms for you.
access to the platform and then create an account.
Choose the type of lessons scheduled during a certain period  from date -to date.
select the option of  verified certificate If this option is available on the platform
pay the amount of the certificate by an international bank card (sometimes symbolic price). If the certificate is free, there is no need to access to this option
enroll in the favorite lesson immediately and start learning

 For programmed lessons ,you must enroll in advance , and once the date has arrived , you will be notified by email or text message for video appearance timing and learning methods on the platform, to permit you begin learning

To get, a certificate you are required to complete all the lessons and success in the final test and get at least a score of 12 out of 20 to succeed

If you fail at first exam, you can re-test yourself by another exam which is offered directly to you on the platform.

The important thing for the platform is to success as a serious student and get a certification

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